Biden lets Cuba and Venezuela ‘arm’ migration

Biden lets Cuba and Venezuela ‘arm’ migration

Dictatorships are “weaponizing” migration to the United States, and President Joe Biden is “falling into their trap,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“President Biden can and must do more to stop these three socialist regimes. [of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuala] of militarized migration to the United States,” McCaul (R-TX) said in a statement to Breitbart News. He continued:

All three have historically used migrants to pressure the United States, and Biden is falling into their trap.

To begin to bring this situation under control, the White House must fully enforce the embargo on Cuba, implement new sanctions against Venezuela, and determine whether Nicaragua deserves to remain part of the CAFTA-DR trade agreement.

Biden and his aides are now blaming the huge influx since January 2021 of nearly three million migrants from the South on autocratic governments — not his covert welcome for more economic migrants.

“Fewer immigrants [are] coming from Central America and Mexico,” Biden told reporters Sept. 16 when asked about the huge migration. He added:

It’s a totally different circumstance [from prior years]. What’s on my watch now is Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. And the possibility of sending them [the migrants] to return to these states is not rational.

McCaul’s criticism of Biden’s passivity was taken over by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was asked September 22 about Biden’s welcome for Venezuelan migrants:

We believe that the regime in Venezuela is illegitimate. We believe that [Venezuelan dictator Nicolas] Maduro is a Raul Castro-like dictator and I think he has done immeasurable damage. [I spoke to] The Brazilian Ambassador to Us Today [who told me] they’ve absorbed over a million Venezuelans, because of what’s going on.

But here’s the thing, Biden was asked, “Hey, how come you can’t keep control of the border?” He says, “Well, I have to deal with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.” Are these new dictatorships? Haven’t there been dictatorships for a long time? And not only that, he is gentle with all these dictatorships. It would be one thing if he was actually willing to push and then say that it causes people to need asylum, but he pampers them. He is ready to go play football with Maduro. He did not lift a finger last summer when the Cuban people rose up to confront the regime of Raul Castro. And of course, he is going to be buddy-buddy with Nicaragua and then the new Colombian president who is very much on the left.

So that’s the nature of what we see here. [Unlike Biden] I was opposed to them — [or] playing soccer with Maduro – all the time. But yet here we are.

The Cuban government has recognized that there is an internal reinforcement [political] pressure, so their view is correct, “We’re just going to release the migrants to go to the United States,” a Hill source told Breitbart News.

But migrants are also an economic boon to Cuba’s dictatorship, as Biden lifted limits on remittances from Cuban migrants in the United States to relatives in Cuba. “When people leave [Cuba]it is with the tacit endorsement of the regime, the source added.

Charles Lane, columnist at Washington Postechoed this point on September 21: “It is in the interest of these governments to export dissent and stir up political trouble for President Biden – like boat lifts did for his Democratic predecessors Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

Biden MKs also refuse to use other tools of diplomatic pressure against autocratic governments, the source said. For example, Biden lawmakers are not threatening to suspend the free trade deal with Nicaragua and doing little to enforce international sanctions against Venezuela’s oil exports, the Hill source said.

Biden’s folks are also refusing to pressure Mexico to accept returning migrants.

“They lost all ability to have any kind of leverage to negotiate with the Mexican government, in terms of who would be allowed to be sent [backl] in Mexico.. to deal with this new wave,” the source said.

“This administration has this kind of ideological vision that these socialists and these authoritarians should not be confronted head on, but rather that we can find ways of peaceful coexistence,” the source said. Thus, dictatorships are now convinced that “they have a lot of [Biden] suckers they’re dealing with, and they can just get away with it.

Unsurprisingly, US immigration lawyers are defending Biden’s policy of extracting migrants from poor countries to use in the US economy. “I have a Venezuelan client who is a dentist here”, tweeted immigration attorney Paul Herzog.

If we sent her back to Venezuela… she wouldn’t fix people’s teeth – she would be standing in line, trying to scrounge food and medicine for her children. We’re all better off ’cause she’s here instead of there

But even Bret Stephens, a pro-migration columnist at New York Timescriticized Biden’s migration excuse:

The administration likes to blame unrest in Central and South America, particularly in Venezuela, for the recent surge. But the Venezuelan refugee crisis has been going on for years… A better explanation is that the Biden administration came to power announcing loud and clear that it was not about Donald Trump, which is why the wave started almost the day Biden took office.

Biden’s massive influx is supported by the economic beneficiaries – the country’s political and business elites.

These elites can hire desperate migrants who will work complacently to earn the money needed to pay their smuggling debts. They can also rent housing and sell food and consumer goods to the roughly 4.5 million additional immigrants brought in by Biden.

Predictably, Biden’s migration is driving down Americans’ wages. It also pushes up rents and house prices, and pushes up inflation for a wide variety of goods, such as used cars and food.

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